UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding

UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding, an official partner to British Showjumping, presents a range of exceptional and cost-effective bedding solutions tailored to meet the needs of both you and your horse. As a family-operated enterprise, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, delivering superior products at competitive prices with our passion for the greatest customer service at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to best practices equally extends to sustainability. Our bedding solutions are crafted with environmentally friendly materials and processes, ensuring that your choice not only benefits your horse’s well-being but also contributes to a greener future for equestrian practices.

Our Mission

We want to show our current and future customers that they can rely on us to provide a bedding solution that not only ticks many boxes in terms of performance and efficiency, but will continue to offer it a fair price meaning you can relax and enjoy the time spent with your horse.

British Showjumping Partnership

After initially meeting Iain Graham, Chief Executive of British Showjumping in 2021, British Showjumping began to utilise UNIBED at the BS National Training Centre as part of their sustainability strategy. We were then extended an invitation to formalize a partnership with British Showjumping at the onset of 2022.

At UNIBED, we take great pride in our support of British Showjumping. Through the provision of UNIBED products at prominent events/centres such as the National Training Centre, BS National Championships, the Academy Championships and now the organization of the UNIBED Winter Grades B&C Championships, this partnership enables us to engage with members and competitors nationwide, furthering our commitment to supporting the sport.

Sustainable Bedding

Chopped and Dust Extracted Straw Based Bedding Solutions…

UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding, currently offer 3 types of straw based bedding solutions to the equestrian market. All types undergo a thorough series of chopping and dust extraction to create a product that delivers in absorbency, does not compromise the health and welfare of the user’s horse and at a price to suit all budgets. Our range includes ‘UNIBED Oilseed Rape Straw’, ‘UNIBED Wheat Straw – Lavender’ and our latest launch ‘UNIBED Miscanthus’.

Oilseed Rape Straw

High Performing And Highly Absorbent…

High performing, highly absorbent and cost effective, there’s a reason our ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ is loved by so many.

Wheat Straw – Lavendar

Super Comfy and Super Affordable…

Lavender is known to have remarkable effects in both human and horse welfare.


For Optimal Comfort, Hygiene and Environmental Responsibility…

‘Miscanthus’ offers a sustainable and superior solution for horse bedding needs.

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