Book a Delivery of Unibed Bedding

You can now purchase a pallet of Unibed high quality bedding. Nationwide delivery is now available.

Oil Seed Rape Straw

Our ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ continues to be a much loved bedding solution for many of  our customers up and down the country.

Before undertaking three lots of dust extraction, this option of ‘UNIBED’ goes through a series of chopping sequences, creating the perfect size length of straw for urine to sit instead of dispersing across an entire bed.

This is why we recommend this option, if your horse is particular “messy”!

Wheat Straw

After the successful launch of our ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’, a few customers noted it wasn’t as much the need for absorbency they were after, but actual the comfort that straw can provide.

Being farmers originally, we knew just the straw for the job, ‘Wheat Straw’. We put several bales of ‘Wheat Straw’ through the exact same rigorous process as our ‘OSR’ bedding solution and knowing it had gone through plenty of dust extraction, we now had a soft and comfy bedding that wouldn’t compromise the wellbeing of our customers horses.