The equestrian industry and its associated sports are deeply intertwined with the natural landscape, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship within our community. It is imperative that we take proactive measures to minimise our environmental footprint to sustain the integrity of the land in which we rely on. Safeguarding the natural environment is essential to preserve opportunities for future generations, ensuring they can partake in equestrian pursuits without compromise or disappointment.

Our products are a simple yet effective way in which users can begin to reduce their carbon footprint. A natural byproduct of modern farming which can easily be reincorporated into the soil, is a great way to reuse a product but also enhance the land in which it can be spread on.

There are several other practices we have adopted within our manufacturing process to add to the benefits of using UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding and ways in which customers themselves can make these changes back at their yard.

  • Cromwell Polythene LTD are our local packaging supplier, who specialies in offering cost effective packaging for a variety of businesses. Our products are packaged in a polythene that is made up of atleast 30% recycled plastics and itself can be recycled.
  • We provide waste collection bags onsite, where customers who usually collect our products can simply bring back their waste packaging which will then be sent back to Cromwell Polythene to be reused again. Our drivers who deliver direct, can also take customers waste away when delivering their next order.
  • All UNIBED packaging; from the coloured bags to the protective hoods and the shrink wrap, are all recyclable and are classified as a ‘soft plastic’ meaning customers whose deliveries are usually carried out via our third-party haulier, can collect their waste packaging and simply pop to such as their local supermarket who also offer a soft plastic recycling collection point.
  • Campeys of Selby LTD are also a local business who support us as our third-party haulage. The team at ‘Campeys’ are committed more and more to offering fully electrical vehicles when carrying our deliveries and where possible ensure this is the chosen mode of transport, when delivering our products.
  • The dust we extract from our products is now collected and re used within the agricultural sector. In one such instance, farmers can use the extracted dust to form cushioning within dairy stalls, for their cattle. Another great way to ensure any waste generated within our manufacturing process can be repurposed.

Below is a little more information from Cromwell Polythene LTD, in the ways in which our packaging is made and how it can be recycled.