Haven’t you heard? You can now order online!

That’s right! You can now order a single pallet (36 x approx 20KG bales) to be delivered to you, via our website.

All you need to do is;

  • Select your preferred bedding type
  • Add to your basket
  • Calculate shipping (This will also determine if we will deliver your order ourselves when the address is local or your order is delivered via the pallet network haulier)
  • Make note of any delivery specifics you may have
  • Checkout
  • Wait for confirmation of a delivery date

It’s that simple! No minimum order requirement. No asking your neighbour to store a few pallets and the option to have a single pallet delivered wherever you are in the country!

(We do still offer multiple pallet orders, which may also qualify for a better price. Do get in touch if you have any pricing/order quantity queries).

We wouldn’t be able to offer this service if it was not for our lovely customers’continued support, so a huge thank you to you, from all of us here at ‘UNIBED’!