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Established in 2009, ‘UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding’ is a family run business, manufacturing and delivering high quality and cost effective straw based bedding solutions nationwide…

Dust Extracted

Both our straw based bedding solutions go through three lots of dust extraction, meaning users who’s horses suffer from respiratory issues can still benefit from our high performing ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ and ‘Wheat Straw’. We know that the health and well being of your horse is of the up most importance to you, and it is to us too.

Cost Effective

We all know that sometimes doing the things we enjoy the most can cost a pretty penny or two, however that doesn’t mean you should compromise when using a product that keeps your stable environment clean. We will always aim to keep our bedding solutions at a fair price.

Highly Absorbent

Most importantly, our bedding solutions do the job YOU need them to do, which is keep both your horse and their stable clean! Retaining the moisture in one place, means the rest of the stable bed isn’t affected and you save time, by simply taking away the wet and fluffing the bed back up again!

UNIBED – High Performance Equine Bedding

After a few years of producing dust extracted ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ to local customers, we were time and time again told about the rising prices of equine bedding with no real reason as to why. Our customers loved our product, yet couldn’t understand why their peers were choosing to pay such high prices for products doing the exact same thing, keeping their horses clean!

That’s why we set out to prove you CAN use a high performing, safe and clean bedding solution without having to pay a premium. This is one of our core values when manufacturing and always aiming to improve both our ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ and our ‘Precision Choppws Wheat Straw’. After launching on social media, we soon learnt there really was a demand for a product that did the job, without the high cost and we knew we were the people to deliver just that. Not too soon after, the sky was the limit and we continue to provide customers up and down the country with both our highly absorbent ‘Oilseed Rape Straw’ and ultra comfy ‘Precision Chopped Wheat Straw’

We want to show our current and future customers that they can rely on us to provide a bedding solution that not only ticks many boxes in terms of performance and efficiency, but will continue to offer it a fair price meaning you can relax and enjoy the time spent with your horse.

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We now offer nationwide delivery direct to your yard. Choose your preferred bedding type, and you could have your ‘UNIBED’ with you within a week of placing your order.

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